Visible Fix Wall panel

Sandwich Panels

Manufacture according to EN 14509 Standards Panels

The Main Advantage Of Icon’s Panels Is Their Higher Durability,
Airtightness And Thermal Insulation Comparing To Other Sandwich Panels.

High-class joint tightness was achieved by using special profle connections &
sealant with minimal engineering tolerances during the manufacturing process such as:-

  1. Continuous foamed sealing tape to prevent dust penetration.
  2. (3 -1 mm.) gap to prevent thermal expansion effects, (steel bow – foam cracks).
  3. Panel’s external and internal steel are covered with polyethylene film to protect the sandwich panels from scratches during transportation and installation.
  4. Double Tongue & groove joint to facilitate assembly and provide the best thermal insulation & joint tightness.

Product Description:

Item Specs
U Value (w/m k)2 Heat Transmission 0.51
Weight per m 2 (uper and lower steel: 0.50mm) (kg\m2 ) 10.58
Width (mm) 1000 – 1150
Maximum Length (mt) 14000 (depending on transportation conditions)
External Facing steel Thickness (mm) (0.4 – 0.5 – 0.7)
Internal Facing steel Thickness (mm) (0.3 – 0.4 – 0.5 – 0.7)
Zinc Coating G 180 – 60 gm/m2
Front Face Coats (Microns) 25 microns nominal (20 microns of polyester paint5+ microns of primer).
Back Face Coats 7 microns of primer
Reaction to Fire PIR – BS2d0 as per EN1-13501
– B1 as per DIN 4102
– Class 1 as per BS476
– El 30 for thickness 100-80 mm
PUR BS3d0 as per EN14509 – EN 13501

The Product available thickness: